We welcome you in our school of tennis Royal Cup. Today, education of children and adults is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable. There are more and more training offers, and that’s, on the one hand, wonderful, but the main task of any professional school is to provide high-quality and professional training to any young athlete for his growth and future career. And if a child or even an adult athlete wants to play just for himself as an amateur, then he has a right to play correctly, nice and with the ability to confidently develop his or her skills. To do this, we create all the necessary conditions both in organizational and technical processes, so that all our students and wards would be happy to engage in such a wonderful sport like tennis. The correct and professional organizational approach on behalf of the management and trainers of our school makes it possible for all tennis lovers to discover this sport as  really large-scale and interesting. Royal Cup trainers are qualified teachers who have not only extensive practical experience, but also a special tennis education. The school of tennis Royal Cup provides a unified system of the entire training process. Masters pay special attention to technology, strategy and psychology of tennis. Head trainer Jan Dranoŭski organizes, oversees and controls the entire training process. We treat the business as a real European organization, positioning ourselves not only in the preparation of future athletes. We treat with great trepidation and responsibility that in Belarus for the first time began to introduce the programs of education and training of professional trainers, sparrings, trainers of special and general physical training, judges, chief judges, sports managers and many other professions of the big tennis industry. Therefore, in our school of tennis Royal Cup, many athletes will be able not only to acquire this interesting knowledge, but also to get a full-fledged and promising profession, making a wonderful career. We are glad to open for you the wonderful world of big tennis. Join us! теннис минск