The “Tennis 10s” program is a new direction of the “Play and Stay” program of the International Tennis Federation, intended for children of 10 years and under. This direction is focused on increasing the number of players in tennis, providing their harmonious development and participation in competitions from an early age.

The “Tennis 10s” program is a way of presenting training and competitive process in tennis for children aged 10 and under.

Its principles are very simple:

1. create an optimal environment in the class

  • appropriate size court
  • slow balls
  • short racket

2. conduct age-appropriate competitions

  • shorter, more match formats and competitions
  • team and individual matches
  • simple score system

… also children must serve, “hold” the ball and play the score from the very beginning of the class!


The Royal Cup Tennis School teaches children and adults based on international experience using modern and proven training process techniques.

The main feature of the learning process is a professional and high-quality approach to the technical side of training, with the ability to progress in the future results. For this purpose, at the very beginning of any stage of training, our trainers put in children and juniors the skills and knowledge leading them to success in tennis.

Trainers-teachers try to see and reveal the prospects of each young tennis player. In order to determine the inclinations and abilities of a child at the initial stage, our trainers conduct the testing of potential, as well as special and general training for the future tennis player.

Royal Cup trainers are qualified teachers who have not only extensive practical experience, but also special tennis education, certificates of training on the European methods, including the international program “Tennis 10s”.

The school of tennis Royal Cup provides a unified system of the entire training process. Masters pay special attention to technology, strategy and psychology of tennis.

Head trainer Jan Dranoŭski organizes, oversees and controls the entire training process.


More and more lovers of a healthy lifestyle prefer tennis. After all, this is a very exciting, affordable and interesting sport. Regardless of age, gender and physical fitness, you can begin to practice and get great pleasure from the training process. And if a tennis player had any experience and skills previously, then one can always enhance and improve his or her mastery.

In the tennis school Royal Cup, we lead a separate and large area of ​​training for adult tennis lovers. We organize separate women’s, men’s and mixed groups. We provide training for beginner, middle and high-level players. Training is held in tutorial and game forms with prospective development of skills and amateurs’ technical side.

It is nice to see how an athlete, as an amateur, progresses, and perhaps even plans to participate in amateur tournaments. Everyone sets their goals for themselves and becomes an example for others.

Come to us and bring your children. You are always welcome!

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